The Christian Cult

I spent 20 years as a member of the United Pentecostal Church. What follows on this page is my story - how I got sucked into this cult, why it is indeed a cult, and how I finally developed enough courage to get out. I hope this story can help others to see that the UPC is not the wonderful organization it portrays itself to be. If my story can save one person the heartache I went through at the hands of this "church," it will have been worth it.

It was a beautiful night last night. The sun had just gone down and I was enjoying the silvery light of the moon, just reaching the first quarter of her waxing phase. Untill… (in your head imagine the sound of a needle being drug across a record) My phone buzzes. […]

Threatening With The Wrath Of God Is Still Bullying

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A couple sit anxiously in the ER, where their only child is being frantically attended to. As they fall to their knees in desperate prayer, the husband pulls out what he believes to be his biggest bargaining chip with God: “Heal our child, Lord. Work a miracle. My wife, this […]

Holy Magic Hair: How Fundamentalist Christianity Gets Women To Subjugate ...

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So over the weekend my Facebook feed (I promise I don’t live my life on Facebook, but it does give me lots of great article fodder) was littered with links to a particular article. It caught my eye because, for one, I saw it several times, but also because it’s […]

People “Backslide” For Very Good Reasons