My Pagan Path

Insights I'm learning and discoveries I'm making as I explore a brand-new path of nature-based spirituality.
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So I haven’t darkened the door of my local UPC in over two years. There’s no way I’ll ever go back. Yet for some reason, at least half of the people on my Facebook friends list were church people. They’ve been dropping off steadily over the past few months, especially since […]

Finally Cutting Ties With My Former Churchmates

Last night was the new moon, and I was finally able to dedicate my new garden area. I started with an herb bath – lavender, rose, rosemary and peppermint. All for purification and healing. I’ve had some health issues as well as the tendon injury that I want resolved. I […]

New Moon Dedication

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In college, Western Civilization 101 pulled the rug of faith right out from under me. Growing up in the Bible Belt, I’d been indoctrinated almost by osmosis. It seemed obvious to me that since Adam and Eve had a one-on-one with Yahweh from the very beginnings of human history (since that […]

Everything We’ve Been Taught About The Origins Of Civilization May ...

I stumbled across a brilliant article on Patheos today. It’s a repost, but the first time I’m seeing it. The title is, “I Worship Satan And You Do Too.” I love this article because it perfectly explains the way Evangelicals think when it comes to … well anybody but their […]

No, I Do Not Worship Satan

This is quickly becoming my favorite holiday EVER! Flowers are blooming, the weather is warm finally. There is definitely magic in the air and spring is in full force. In ancient Celtic times, Beltane was one of the major festivals of the year. It marked the beginning of summer, the […]

My First Beltane