My ancestors have been speaking to me this week. Yesterday, John Beckett wrote a blog about the current situation here in America. Mr. Beckett has been saying for a while now that his Gods (especially The Morrigan, whom we both have a relationship with) were saying a storm was coming, […]

Trauma Is Coming – How Will You Cope?

Tomorrow, June 30, will be a day of nationwide protest. Marches are planned in all 50 states against the cruel and heartless “zero tolerance” policy of the Trump administration – a policy that has seen thousands of children ripped from their families and housed in what can only be described […]

Why I Can’t March Tomorrow

Tell a story of religious trauma and you are bound to get at least one person who says that you were just doing it wrong, in a bad church, or “following man instead of God.” I’ve gotten dozens of such comments on this very blog. My most recent was yesterday on […]

Religious Trauma & Evangelical Abuses: Real, Common, Systemic

I haven’t left the house in days, and I cannot remember when I last bathed. I try to carry on a basic conversation with my son and get stuck trying to remember every day words. Mostly I’ve just been sleeping. A Surprise Trigger I was already in a bit of […]

CPTSD: A Message From The Dark Side

8 years ago this week, my beloved Doctor Who ran one of the best episodes in show history. The 11th Doctor and Amy Pond visited Provence and the slightly erratic Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent captured Amy’s heart, and sure she could prevent his upcoming suicide, she and The Doctor plan a […]

Anthony Bourdain, Vincent Van Gogh and Actually Helping Suicidal People

My younger son asked me that question just a bit ago. If you don’t know, he’s 17, but is on the Autism Spectrum, bipolar, and a few other things that cause him to be less mature than his age, overly tender-hearted and generally anxious as fuck. I asked why on […]

“Mom, am I a bad person?”

The day I landed in Ireland I was exhausted, aching, and completely overwhelmed. After getting the rental car I was supposed to stop at this town called Swords that had a large shopping center. The idea was a cheap coffeemaker, grinder, and flat iron for the bestie as none of […]

Tara: Seat of Kings, and one Great Queen

This is one of those stories that seemed a bit hairy in the moment, but get funnier as time passes. So. One of the cottages I rented between Roscommon and Shannon was as picturesque as they come. When I arrived, an older man was out in the street with a […]

Irish Men Never Lose Their Mojo

Just outside of Tulsk, as part of the Rathcroghan royal complex, sits the holy well of Ogulla. This place has been a sacred site well back into pagan times, and so of course has been coopted by the Catholic church. This, however, did nothing to diminish the powerful experience I […]

Ogulla Holy Well: A Microcosm of Irish Spiritual History

Every signpost in Ireland is currently blanketed with posters regarding an upcoming referendum. On May 25, Irish voters will go to the polls to decide the future of their 8th Amendment, which outlaws abortion in pretty much every circumstance. What Outlawing Abortion Really Means I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always […]

Ireland’s 8th Amendment

“I’m gonna blog EVERY DAY!!” Said the naive American, confident in her blanket cell phone service and wall-to-wall wifi. Then, she landed in an airport in Dublin, which is supposedly a European capital city, yet has an airport strangely reminiscent of a dilapidated Social Services building. She was immediately confronted […]

Lessons Learned in Ireland

I’m sitting in the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina. In just 2 more hours I will be on my way to Ireland. The past weeks have been difficult. Some unfortunate contact with my mother has had me full of anxiety. And of course she’s heard about my trip and tried […]

A Healing Pilgrimage To Ireland