If something has been part of your movement for hundreds of years, how can you claim it doesn’t belong? That’s what a group of Christian faith leaders is trying to do with the white supremacists who, for example, were part of the attempted insurrection at the Capitol in January. According […]

Yes, White Supremacists ARE Christians

I feel a bit strange. Many of my friends and people I follow online are rejoicing gleefully today over the news that Rush Limbaugh has died. Rush and I go way back, all the way to 1989. My grandparents had given me a hand-me-down car (a 1977 Chevy Chevette) that […]

On the Death of Rush Limbaugh

In 1977, the United States was poised to pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing legal rights to all Americans regardless of sex. It had been passed by the House and Senate, had bipartisan support (including Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter) and had been ratified by 35 of […]

Review: Mrs. America, Phyllis Schlafly and the ERA

Back in my days in the UPC, Easter was a Really Big Deal. Not for the reasons you might think – yeah we were jazzed about the “empty tomb” and all. But above all, Easter was our One Yearly Shot at “unsaved” family members and other random strangers who only […]

Coronavirus: Covid-19 vs Easter Services

I dunno… maybe it’s just the generally apocolyptic feeling of the time we’re living through.  Maybe it’s just ripples of the last big thing my “parents” did to me. (Will write about that soon, it’s a doozy…) But this morning I was scrolling facebook and saw that Bill Gates has […]

Covid 19 Vaccine Talk Triggers My Old Christian Anxiety

Last night I made a quick trip to my neighborhood grocery store. Mostly I was bored, tired of scrolling the Netflix offerings and looking for an excuse for a bottle of wine and a date with Redbox. Classic Pandemic Blues. (1- it was late on a Sunday when the store […]

Proselytizers Will Be Eaten

ET TU, SIMON??? I cannot express the pain that shot through my body last night when I stumbled across the news that Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran, was accused of groping a record store employee at a meet-and-greet in 1995. I am an original Durannie. I fell […]

Simon Le Bon Accused of Sexual Assault, Triggers My #MeToo ...

In 1984, a man named David Bogatin – who had no income on record – made an agreement with Donald Trump to purchase 5 condos in Trump Tower. The NY State Attorney General ruled the purchase was money laundering. David Bogatin was a member of the Russian mafia. So begins […]

Review: “Active Measures” – 30 Years of Trump – Russia ...

The email subject line read, “What to do when #MeToo comes for you, too.” The email itself was from one of the original internet marketing gurus, someone who started in the ’90s teaching the ins and outs of Google advertising and who now lives very comfortably in a high end […]

Bill Hybels, Willow Creek, and Defenders of the #MeToo Accused

During my first year as a Pagan I hit each stop on the Wheel hard, with the zeal of a new convert. This year, not so much. I did do Bealtine huge this year – went all the way to Ireland for the traditional fire on the Hill of Uisneach […]

The Pagan’s Guide To Lughnasadh with CPTSD

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. In my house we have heated debates over whether Frodo or Samwise is the true hero of the tale. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bellowed with adrenaline when Eowin pulls off her helmet on the battlefield, says […]

Healing Isn’t a Sprint, or Even a Marathon. It’s an ...