A Healing Pilgrimage To Ireland

I’m sitting in the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina. In just 2 more hours I will be on my way to Ireland.

The past weeks have been difficult. Some unfortunate contact with my mother has had me full of anxiety. And of course she’s heard about my trip and tried to contact me again before I leave.

I guess she’s forgotten how nasty our last conversation was. Or, more likely, she expects me to.

Thank You Grandma

So this trip is being financed by a small inheritance i received from my Grandma’s estate. It’s been a lifelong dream, even more so since I’ve been practicing Irish flavored paganism and devoted myself to The Morrigan.

Lots Of Updates Coming

So I’ve got a fancy new phone and a separate keyboard, and am planning to do some writing every day I’m there. I will spend the next 9 days visiting sacred sites like Newgrange and Rathcroghan. On May 1 my bestie will be joining me and shenanigans shall ensue.

I hope to post daily updates on it all.

So stay tuned, and visit Ireland virtually through me. May the magic of that beautiful place be healing to us all.

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