Fairy Freakout

Ok this is completely baffling.

As part of my Midsummer celebration last night, I left an offering at sundown for the fairies near my garden. I baked a cake for Aine, the Celtic Sun Goddess and Fairy Queen who is celebrated at Midsummer, and left a huge slice of it between a magnolia tree and a row of hedges that also contains an oak bush. (It was a growing oak tree before being cut down at the insistence of the next door neighbors, and now it has become a bush.) This was the area I felt most likely to contain the fey.

You can see the area in the first image, to the left of the bean poles.

I’ve left milk out before, but never got any kind of response or could tell that anything had been moved in the area. Of course, I’ve always left the milk in the middle of the flower garden so maybe it was just in the wrong place.

One thing important about the cake I made. I totally screwed up. I was starting the cake and making mead at the same time, so I wasn’t paying as much attention to the cake as normal. I did not even realize until I was getting finished cakes out of the pans to frost that I had not put eggs into the mix. Like seriously, who does that? It was too late in the day to go out to the store and get another cake mix, so I had to make it work. And it turned out not bad at all, just very crumbly.

I said a prayer to Aine and explained the situation, that I still wanted to offer it to her and I hoped she and her fairies didn’t see it as an insult.

So, here is what the offering looked like when it was placed last night: Plate of honey, crumbly but delicious cake, and bowl of whole milk.



So, key information here, there was no rain in my area overnight. Here is what the offering looked like this morning:



The milk is gone, as is half the cake. But the honey has BEEN BURIED!!?? It’s not even dirt, its like the debris that comes up when it does rain too hard and there is standing water in the yard.

I’ve read that if you make an offering to fairies they will often do something to let you know the offering has been received. You’re supposed to look for small, imperceptible changes. But I’ve never heard of a plate being buried, and quite frankly I’m more than a bit concerned. Is this good or bad? Are they telling me they didn’t like the honey? Are they mad because I messed up the cake by forgetting the eggs?

If any of you know about fairies I’d really like some opinions here. And please, don’t bother commenting if you don’t believe in the Fey or think it’s all stupid. Clearly I know an animal could have eaten the cake and drank the milk. But I am completely perplexed as to how the honey got buried. At first I thought it was just a ton of ants till I got closer, and actually there were not a ton of ants around any of this.

What do you think?

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