Nature Trip: The Magickal Forest

By the end of November 2014, fall was in full swing in my town. I took a trip to another nearby park, this one has a very large nature trail and runs along a larger river. As soon as I stepped into the woods, I was enchanted. The smell of Fall was thick and sweet in the air, and leaves were raining down all around.

It was absolutely magickal.

In fact, that’s pretty much all I recorded in my journal for that day – the small of fall is beautiful and the forest is magickal. But I saved some leaves, which are still taped into my journal, and took a ton of pictures.

20141120_150847 20141120_150856 20141120_151100 20141120_151122 20141120_151514 20141120_152105 20141120_152211 20141120_152558 20141120_152608 20141120_152614 20141120_153108 20141120_153951 20141120_154036 20141120_154151 20141120_154201 20141120_15432920141120_154421

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