The Christian Cult

I spent 20 years as a member of the United Pentecostal Church. What follows on this page is my story - how I got sucked into this cult, why it is indeed a cult, and how I finally developed enough courage to get out. I hope this story can help others to see that the UPC is not the wonderful organization it portrays itself to be. If my story can save one person the heartache I went through at the hands of this "church," it will have been worth it.
Tell a story of religious trauma and you are bound to get at least one person who says that you were just doing it wrong, in a bad church, or “following man instead of God.” I’ve gotten dozens of such comments on this very blog. My most recent was yesterday on […]

Religious Trauma & Evangelical Abuses: Real, Common, Systemic

My younger son asked me that question just a bit ago. If you don’t know, he’s 17, but is on the Autism Spectrum, bipolar, and a few other things that cause him to be less mature than his age, overly tender-hearted and generally anxious as fuck. I asked why on […]

“Mom, am I a bad person?”

When I was a small child, growing up in the mid 70’s in rural Western North Carolina, segregation was still an unspoken rule. My elementary school was all white, and I rarely if ever encountered African Americans. My maternal grandmother took me shopping in Asheville once, and we passed a man […]

Bible-Based Bigotry Is Not New In North Carolina