The day I landed in Ireland I was exhausted, aching, and completely overwhelmed. After getting the rental car I was supposed to stop at this town called Swords that had a large shopping center. The idea was a cheap coffeemaker, grinder, and flat iron for the bestie as none of […]

Tara: Seat of Kings, and one Great Queen

This is one of those stories that seemed a bit hairy in the moment, but get funnier as time passes. So. One of the cottages I rented between Roscommon and Shannon was as picturesque as they come. When I arrived, an older man was out in the street with a […]

Irish Men Never Lose Their Mojo

Just outside of Tulsk, as part of the Rathcroghan royal complex, sits the holy well of Ogulla. This place has been a sacred site well back into pagan times, and so of course has been coopted by the Catholic church. This, however, did nothing to diminish the powerful experience I […]

Ogulla Holy Well: A Microcosm of Irish Spiritual History

Every signpost in Ireland is currently blanketed with posters regarding an upcoming referendum. On May 25, Irish voters will go to the polls to decide the future of their 8th Amendment, which outlaws abortion in pretty much every circumstance. What Outlawing Abortion Really Means I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always […]

Ireland’s 8th Amendment

“I’m gonna blog EVERY DAY!!” Said the naive American, confident in her blanket cell phone service and wall-to-wall wifi. Then, she landed in an airport in Dublin, which is supposedly a European capital city, yet has an airport strangely reminiscent of a dilapidated Social Services building. She was immediately confronted […]

Lessons Learned in Ireland

I’m sitting in the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina. In just 2 more hours I will be on my way to Ireland. The past weeks have been difficult. Some unfortunate contact with my mother has had me full of anxiety. And of course she’s heard about my trip and tried […]

A Healing Pilgrimage To Ireland

I’ve written a good bit about my childhood abuse trauma lately, and today I want to bring the focus back to the main type of trauma this blog is supposed to be about: Religious trauma. The concept of Religious Trauma Syndrome is fairly new, and even those at the forefront […]

When Someone Dismisses Your Trauma

Yesterday, all the Pagans I’m friends with were in an uproar on Facebook. And they had good reason. I have some things to say about the issues, but I’m going to try and be as diplomatic as possible. In a nutshell, one Pagan leader said she didn’t trust the scholarship of […]

Wading Into Pagan TERF Wars

Billy Graham
I grew up 30 minutes from The Cove, the “Training Center” in Asheville, NC where Billy Graham and his family lived. I have relatives that live off the same 1-40 exit you take to get there. My paternal grandparents were the type of Southern Baptists Graham spent his lifetime trying […]

Billy Graham: No Different From Today’s Evangelicals

I’ve been in a very deep pit. Surrounded by fog and darkness, weighed down by heavy stones. According to the date of my last post, I haven’t written on this blog for nearly 3 months. Chunks of that time are completely missing from my memory. For days on end I […]

Mental Health, PTSD and The Morrigan

I woke up this morning to the new trending hashtag #MeAt14 on Twitter. Many of the tweets are just images of girls at 14, who are obviously too young to be in any kind of sexual situation with a man in his 30’s such as Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. […]

Yes, This Hurts. So Don’t Waste The Pain

CW: Non-consensual physical contact, emotional abuse.   It could begin over anything. Sometimes it was over some youthful indiscretion on my part. Sometimes, my dad would even be laughing and joking one minute, and the next minute it was as if a switch had flipped and he was full of […]

The Systematic Erasure Of Me