Part of being a fundamentalist Christian is being a political right winger. Part of leaving the church behind is opening up your mind and reading/ watching/ listening to things the "other side" has to say. And guess what? Sometimes they're right!
So here we are again. The “largest mass shooting in modern American history,” (at least since the last one). And yes, it’s maddening, heartbreaking, tragic, and horrific. Again. It’s also frustrating to see the nonstop barrage of “thoughts and prayers” for the victims offered by many of the leaders who, […]

Stop Insulting Christians For Sending “Thoughts and Prayers.”

In a dream, I was in a primitive cabin, possibly in the mountains where I grew up. A woman named Molly was sitting in a rocking chair near the hearth, where there was a blazing fire. Molly was clearly a wise woman, and she had something to share with me. […]

Escaping The Fear of Fundamentalism

I am the child of racists. Growing up, I took a lot of heat from my parents for not being racist enough. I was told that it’s morally wrong for white people and black people to be friends, to visit each other’s homes. I should not be too friendly with […]

How I Used To Support Racists, Still Thinking I Hated ...

Eight years ago, I was a right-wing political junkie. A daily Limbaugh listener, nightly Focus on the Family listener, and I wouldn’t watch CNN if you paid me. I was convinced that Barack Obama was a socialist who would do horrible damage to this country due to his radical liberal […]

Women’s March on Washington: Why I Went, What I Saw

In less than 48 hours since the election of Donald Trump, people all over the country have experienced racial aggression and harassment not seen in years. After a campaign that stoked the worst in America – going past dog whistles to outright embracing racism – it was no surprise that […]

Protesting Racism, Homophobia and Misogyny Is Not a ‘Temper Tantrum’

Today I feel as though the air has been punched right out of my body. A man that embodies racism, homophobia, and the vilest misogyny has been elected president of the United States. Already he has cost me, personally, the tenuous peace that existed between myself and my emotionally abusive […]

When Darkness Wins, We Fight

So, my dad is a big Trump supporter. He’s also a huge Duke fan, so clearly he has issues with judgement. But to be quite honest, (again, thanks to that anonymity I’ve got mostly going around here) he’s always been a racist. I repeatedly got in trouble as a kid […]

My Dad, Donald Trump, And The Great Queen

So while we’re on the subject of my past trauma, let me recount a story for you. At the age of 14 I went to a concert. The adult relative who took me stayed in our assigned seats while I went down to the front to join the crush of […]

Donald Trump and Sexual Assault

When I was a small child, growing up in the mid 70’s in rural Western North Carolina, segregation was still an unspoken rule. My elementary school was all white, and I rarely if ever encountered African Americans. My maternal grandmother took me shopping in Asheville once, and we passed a man […]

Bible-Based Bigotry Is Not New In North Carolina

I am so sick of hearing the stupid line, “men have no business in women’s bathrooms.” It’s a ridiculous mischaracterization of transgender WOMEN. But over and over, the roughly 35% of North Carolinians who still support House Bill 2 trot that line out to defend it. When you call them on the […]

Live From North Carolina: Showdown With The DOJ