Part of being a fundamentalist Christian is being a political right winger. Part of leaving the church behind is opening up your mind and reading/ watching/ listening to things the "other side" has to say. And guess what? Sometimes they're right!
In the spring of 1970, a 17 year old girl in rural North Carolina discovered she was pregnant. She was terrified. The daughter of a church deacon, she knew there was no way her parents would allow her to keep the baby. And there was no way she could, even […]

Little Sisters of the Poor, Reproductive Rights and Donald Trump

One week ago, North Carolina convened a dramatic Special Session of the General Assembly for one specific purpose: to pass a statewide bill overturning an non-discrimination ordinance in Charlotte. The Charlotte ordinance had the audacity to add gay, lesbian, or transgender customers to the list of people businesses can’t discriminate against.. And […]

Please. Boycott My State

You’ve seen the memes. “In a world full of Kardashians, be a (insert socially acceptable, “respectable” woman here.)” Then there’s Beyonce. Michelle Obama has said that Bey is a fantastic role model for young girls, prompting the likes of Mike Huckabee to go apeshit. Both Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are […]

Showing Skin And Self Respect

It’s been a long few weeks. Kim Davis, “Apostolic Christian,” held the entire state of Kentucky hostage to her personal beliefs as she steadfastly refused to issue marriage licenses despite being denied on every single appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. She had absolutely no legal leg to […]

#Be Apostolic And Stand For Hypocrisy

The fact that we were sitting together at lunch on Saturday could be considered a triumph of enduring friendship. We’d been friends since riding the same bus to junior high in 1980-something. I remember when he first came out, his first boyfriend. He was one of my very closest friends. […]

Why Are Conservative Christians So Terrified Of Gays And Their ...

This image was in my facebook feed this morning from someone I used to go to church with: During the entire week of the actual rioting, these same people were posting memes about the difference between protesting and rioting, and how protesting was acceptable and rioting was not. Hypocritical much? […]

Christian Right Thinks Baltimore Protesters Are “Worthless”

I was still a Christian Conservative in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected. I was a political junkie who got all my information from the DrudgeReport, Brietbart, Fox News and especially Rush Limbaugh. It broke my heart that after 8 years of what I thought was a president who started […]

Why My White Christian Friends Call Toya Graham #MomOfTheYear

OK. At this point I have to say I am embarrassed and ashamed. I was actually once one of these people. How did that happen? Where was my common sense? I remember listening to radio programs such as our first installment here. This is an interview Dennis Prager did with […]

Right Wing Nut Roundup: Bobby Jindal and Dennis Prager

On Friday, April 10, 13-year-old Nauman Masih was walking home from his job as an apprentice tailor. Two men, whom he did not know, stopped him and asked him what his religion was. “I told them that I am Christian,” Masih said. “They started beating me, when I tried running, both […]

Is There A “War On Christianity” In America?