My First Ostara

I have not dyed eggs since I was a kid. It wasn’t something I did with my own children because in our uber-conservative Christian home, Easter eggs were just too pagan.

Delicious irony, huh?

This year, I dyed eggs. I did it all by myself. I only dyed 3 of them – purple, green and yellow. I didn’t have vinegar so they came out pretty light. But still. On my little plate that I was using as a makeshift altar, surrounded by crystals and a cut flower, they looked quite pretty. It was enough.

I have been looking forward to Ostara for weeks. I had wood for a bonfire, and was going to wake up early and greet the dawn over my fire. But that didn’t work out. Just a couple weeks before the big day I suffered an injury to my Achilles tendon. I can’t walk, can’t drive. Can’t get out of the house into the back yard. So I had to improvise.

I got several houseplants together, including an orchid that is currently blooming. I got some fresh cut flowers. (I sent my oldest son to the grocery store with a list: egg dye, 1 purple, 1 green and 1 yellow candle, and fresh cut flowers. He was NOT happy.) I spread all this out around my bedroom window, and at the actual time of the equinox I had my ritual.

I REALLY REALLY wish I could have gotten outside. I am positive it lacked some of the power it could have had. But still… I marked the moment. I used the energies to continue pushing forward with the changes I need to make in my life.

It was a new moon, and an eclipse to boot all on the same day. I reiterated my desire to leave behind discouragement, fear, in-authenticity (is that a word?) failure and scarcity. I wanted to manifest my truth, my authentic self, abundance, independence success and JOY.

From my journal:

There has definitely been a shift already. All winter I’ve been going through the motions with work. This week has been completely different. Maybe I’ve been out of balance? The comparative laziness of the past few months may have balanced me out. 

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