Pagan Basics

Ugh. I worked all weekend on my garden out front, really pushed myself in the heat to get it finished. I really wanted to dedicate it last night during the full moon. Well, it’s finished. It’s wonderful. And I was in bed, knocked out on flu meds when I should […]

Ritual Space Completed; Full Moon Dedication A Bust

This is quickly becoming my favorite holiday EVER! Flowers are blooming, the weather is warm finally. There is definitely magic in the air and spring is in full force. In ancient Celtic times, Beltane was one of the major festivals of the year. It marked the beginning of summer, the […]

My First Beltane

I have not dyed eggs since I was a kid. It wasn’t something I did with my own children because in our uber-conservative Christian home, Easter eggs were just too pagan. Delicious irony, huh? This year, I dyed eggs. I did it all by myself. I only dyed 3 of […]

My First Ostara

Gotta be honest. After my Yule experience, I was counting the days till the next sabbat. But I didn’t really “get” Imbolc. I mean.. Yule makes total sense. The longest night is over, when dawn comes the light is now back, and will continue to grow every day. But what […]

My First Imbolc

In honor of Ostara this week, I’m going back and revisiting my first two Sabbats. And the absolute best so far was definitely Yule. Leading up, I’d not yet mentioned anything pagan to my kids. But I had way more excitement about putting up the “Christmas” decorations this year, because […]

My First Yule