Nature Trip: Choosing My Path

These pictures are from a walk I took in October of 2014. It’s a linear park downtown that I’ve visited many times since.

My journal entry for that day says that my study of Buddhism wasn’t really speaking to me, but that I’d seen a program the night before on Celtic gods. I said, “There is something about the nature spirit worship that appeals to me.”

A couple days later, I said, “Spent most of the day just reading and researching. I am definitely leaning more toward a Celtic paganism. It feels like home to me.”

20141023_184648Sitting beside this creek, I asked, “Is there a spirit of this water?Spirits of the trees? I honor them and ask them to help me find the par of myself I am searching for. The eternal. My Dharma, my truth.”

About a week later I was back in this park again. I sat for a while leaning against a very large old tree, and for the first time ever I could feel the vibration of the tree if I concentrated hard enough. It was quite exciting – the first time I’d ever really connected with a tree as a conscious being.

Before this, trees, flowers, everything in nature… it was alive of course, but I’d never considered that on some level these things could have their own consciousness. Their own thoughts and feelings. But really… just because they’re different from our thoughts, or their consciousness is different from ours, who are we to say it doesn’t exist?

That’s what I was discovering as I took these pictures.

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