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In case you missed it, UPC superstar evangelist Lee Stoneking spoke to the UN toward the end of April. And totally exaggerated, misrepresented, and LIED about his infamous (inside the UPC) testimony about being miraculously healed from a heart attack. If you haven’t read it, please do.

So I have a bit of an update.

One of the things we dug into in that article was the “Official Medical Report” by Dr. Jeff Young, Jr. “Doctor” Young (I’ll explain the quotation marks in just a minute) was not on the scene for any of the relevant events and only assisted in treating Stoneking after he came back to the US. I mentioned that he was most likely a UPC member since he frequently referred to Stoneking as “Brother” in the report, but didn’t know much else.

Then I got a comment from agnosticpoet yesterday that really blew it wide open. He mentioned that Young was the son of a UPC pastor. So I decided to do some digging. I pulled up Stoneking’s website again, and looked back over his “My Miracle” page. And then it slapped me right in the face, to the point I couldn’t believe I missed this connection the first time. From Stoneking’s account of his story:

Immediately upon hearing of my physical condition and what had happened to me in Sydney,  Pastor Jeff Young Sr. from Bethel Springs, Tennessee caught the first plane to Sydney and was at my side in the hospital room as soon as possible.

So, Pastor Jeff Young, Sr. is a close enough friend of Stoneking to travel to the opposite end of the globe to sit in his hospital room. A quick Google search shows that Jeff Young Sr. pastors The Springs of Bethel UPC in Bethel Springs, TN. According to the church website, the church has two locations: Bethel Springs, and Jackson, TN.

So clearly, “Dr.” Jeff Young, Jr. is not only a active member of the UPC with a vested interest in this story being true, he’s also too close to Stoneking to be objective.

But Who Is This “Doctor” Young?

Screenshot of Lee Stoneking's Website

Screenshot of Lee Stoneking’s Website

So once I had a location, a google search quickly revealed a Jeff Young Jr. in Jackson, TN. As you can see in the screenshot to the left, Stoneking considers “Dr” Young to be brilliant, totally professional, and ‘expertise personified.”


The only Jeff Young Jr. that comes up in Jackson, TN (and how many can there be?) isn’t an MD. He’s an ARNP – a Nurse Practitioner.

Hence my placing “doctor” in quotation marks. In several states it is in fact ILLEGAL for a Nurse Practitioner to refer to themselves as “Doctor.” Unfortunately, Tennessee isn’t one of them.

So when “Dr.” Young writes his “Official Medical Report” (which is bogus for so many reasons explained in the previous article) he is a Nurse Practitioner giving his opinion of a cardiac event he did not witness, interpreting actual medical reports received from an actual Cardiologist who did treat the event and patient in question.

I ask again, if there is a REAL medical report by a REAL doctor, who REALLY treated Stoneking for his REAL heart attack, why on earth is this Nurse who had nothing to do with it until after the fact writing the report on the website?

Oh, because the original medical report doesn’t support the story as Stoneking wants to spin it. That is the only explanation.

“Expertise Personified”

At this point there is almost no detail that Stoneking hasn’t embellished or distorted in some way. One of them is puffing up the qualifications of Nurse Practitioner Young.

According to the website, Nurse Young has a rating from patients of 3 out of 5 stars. After ratings from 5 patients, his averages are as follows:

Level of trust in provider’s decisions – 3.0

How well provider explains medical condition(s) – 3.5

How well provider listens and answers questions – 3.5

Spends appropriate amount of time with patients – 3.0

All of which are below the national average.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield lists Nurse Young as one of their providers. 7 of their members have rated him for an average 3.5 out of 5 stars. Their profile also says under “Specialties and Procedures” that he is a “Practical Nurse – Not Board Certified.”

So Stoneking’s “Doctor” – “expertise personified” – is nothing more than a below-average Nurse Practitioner.

It seems to me that “Brother” Stoneking (this time the quotation marks are for me – he’s still got his status in the UPC but I’m definitely out so he’s no brother of mine) lives in the past in more ways than one. I’ve got some stuff coming up about what he thinks of women, but clearly in his mind he lives in the age before the internet, where stories couldn’t be so easily fact-checked and people had no choice but to take you on blind faith. Oh, and he lives in a time when yellow print on a black background was acceptable web design. Someone should really pray the devil out of his webmaster.

Then again, don’t. I can’t imagine the ridiculous story he’d build out of that.

Stay tuned, more Stoneking Stuff coming up…





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12 thoughts on “Rev. Lee Stoneking Lies At The UN Part 2

  • TBell

    Hello (I’m new to the site)! I happened to run across Stoneking’s presentation to the UN on YouTube today. I was curious as to why I had never seen/heard his story, so I googled his name and came upon your site. To be honest, at first I was a little upset upon reading your first article about Stoneking’s health issue and your criticism. I try to live my life as a Christian (not affiliated with UPC; in fact, I know little about UPC) and I also work in healthcare (over 22 years), so I became a little defensive at first (on behalf of Christians and healthcare workers {LOL}).
    Although I disagree with some of the “Stoneking” was “lying” statements you made (#1 – heart attack v/s cardiac arrest = some non-healthcare professionals don’t know the difference; #2 – your mentioning new DNA markers 7 years AFTER he was tested = the additional 13 didn’t exist in 2004, so why mention it?), I admit that you make a very relevant point in the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of his statements and “official” medical record. I wasn’t there in Australia when Stoneking had his episode (again, I don’t know him), but through your ‘investigation’, I don’t believe his FULL story. I agree that his ‘official record’ is totally bogus due to the fact that a nurse practitioner (who did NOT treat him during the event) presented it. I believe Stoneking indeed had some sort of cardiac event, but the ‘official’ record should be one that first responders or healthcare personnel in AUSTRALIA should have made. I am so very sorry for the shadow that this casts. I sincerely thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    In my opinion, this kind of thing is exactly what is hurting the ‘church’ today. People want truth; sound truth. I have seen (first-hand) miracles that (I truly believe) GOD performed THROUGH hands of healthcare workers. Life (in and of itself) is a miracle, but for someone to make a life-and-death event something more dramatic for selfish gain (if in fact that is what he is doing) – SICKENS me.
    Again – I do not totally agree with everything you said, but believe you disproved much. Thank you again.

  • Roger

    You must be a very miserable person to spread hate like you do against a man you don’t even know.

    Do you believe in Jesus? Then you believe He rose from the dead after three days in the Ground. Then why is it you can’t believe Lee Stoneking was raised from the dead after 45 minutes? Do you believe Jesus raised people from the dead? Then why don’t you think Brother Stoneking or anyone else could be raised from the dead? Anyone can be cynical. You mentioned the Condition of the Blood in Brother Stoneking’s hands yet Jesus was raised after His Blood was completely drained from His Body. Lazarus was dead three days and was raised and so on. Peter by the power of Jesus Name raised a little girl from the dead. There are many holes in your accusations.

    • admin Post author

      No. I don’t believe in any of this shit. Read my blog. I am a very HAPPY Pagan with a wonderful relationship to the Irish Goddess Morrigan. I do not believe there is sufficient historical evidence for the “resurrection.” Your examples are all from articles of your faith. Neither you or Mr. Stoneking can provide hard medical evidence. His doctor’s corroboration is a joke written by a disgraced nurse practitioner. A real miracle should stand up to scrutiny. This does not.

      Summer Solstice is next week. I will think of you as I dance naked around the fire under the moon, and be thankful to my Goddess that I am no longer enslaved to your repressive doctrines.

    • Anonymous

      Couple of indisputable facts for you:

      1. Stoneking refers to Jeff Young as Doctor. He is not, nor has he ever been, a doctor. He is four years short of medical school plus years for residency for board certification.

      2. The “Official Medical Report”, on Stoneking’s page, is dated November 12, 2003. “Doctor” Young wasn’t even a Nurse Practitioner at that time. He didn’t receive his certificate for NP until August 13, 2004.

      3. On the date of the medical report, Young was actually a Registered Nurse who wasn’t even there in Australia to conduct a medical report.

      All dates and licenses can be verified on the Tennessee Department of Health website: