Beltane Eve: Thunderstorms At Sunset

I”ve barely left the house this week due to a family-wide stomach bug, and was beginning to think my first Beltane was going to be a bust. But just in time for May Day Eve, I started feeling better. I decided to get out and about in time for sunset and possibly be in a park under a tree when it was time for the Faeries to be about. I wanted to go to the local Botanical Gardens but they were already closed.

And then a tremendous storm started blowing in.


… I tried to get some good pictures of the incredible sunset that happened as the storm was blowing in, but missed the actual sun.


… It was absolutely majestic rolling in!


… I went to one of my favorite parks just in time for the downpour. I went here because I can park right beside the stream and not get out of the car in the rain.





It’s a Linear Park, so I drove to a few different points where I could park as close to the trail and the trees and stream as possible:




I was wondering if the Faeries come out in the rain?

The storm was short lived, and afterwards I got some great shots of nature after her shower:

20150430_200956 20150430_201054 20150430_202204 20150430_202324 20150430_202354 20150430_202437


Then I went back to the creekside spot, which was now bathed in moonlight:

20150430_202954 20150430_203406 20150430_203709 20150430_203717  20150430_203802 20150430_203813 20150430_203827

I love this tree in particular, I’ve had lots of great times sitting beside him and meditating. All in all, a great start to my first Beltane!

Do you see any faeries in the pictures?

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