My First Beltane

This is quickly becoming my favorite holiday EVER!

Flowers are blooming, the weather is warm finally. There is definitely magic in the air and spring is in full force. In ancient Celtic times, Beltane was one of the major festivals of the year. It marked the beginning of summer, the light half of the year. Along with Samhain it was one of the times when the veil between this world and that of the faeries, sidhe, departed ancestors, and of course the Gods was thinnest and could be crossed.

For people who literally lived and died by their harvest, it was a time of blessing the fields and the Earth for maximum fertility. Fertility is a huge part of Beltane, and the Celts celebrated it with lots and lots of sex. Sex in the fields, sex in the woods, sex at home… I imagine a LOT of Celtic society had late January birthdays!

Since I’ve mentioned that the hubs is working overseas, I won’t get into what I may or may not have done to honor that aspect of the holiday. Even anonymously a girls gotta keep some secrets. Of course I spent Beltane Eve enjoying a spectacular thunderstorm (in my car, not out getting wet) along a local linear park. To this day, people in the formerly Celtic lands of Europe celebrate Beltane or May Day with bonfires and dances and basically a big ole party. That much I could do.

I had a bonfire in the back yard, and set up an altar of sorts beside it with candles and flowers and incense. I played Stevie Nicks music and even a few videos from the Beltane party in Edinburgh. My kids were here (mid teens to early 20’s), and one wandered in and out a few times, so no dancing skyclad. I do want to try that someday tho. I could barely dance period with the pulled tendon, but I did my best. I poured a libation from my wine to the Goddess I’ve had the most interaction with – yeah I went all out Pagan for this one. I totally would have had sex on the grass were it feasible.

I wrote down wishes for the coming season on paper and burned them in the fire to send them to the Universe. While I don’t necessarily have crops to bless or livestock to purify, I am hoping that my creativity and productivity are given quite a boost in the fertility department. And of course harvesting a more bountiful paycheck would be more than welcome.

Every holiday since Yule has had a lot to live up to. I cannot say that I was profoundly moved like I was that morning, but I did have one hell of a good time. In fact, I had some yardwork done today and now have enough old branches and such that I could do it all again tonight.

And I just might.

Here are some pictures from my party:

20150501_213117 20150501_212949 20150501_205323 20150501_205231 20150501_203824 20150501_201445


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