Nature Trip: Connecting With The Spirits

This is from a trip to a local park in November of 2014. I was still brand spanking new, had decided to explore Celtic Paganism maybe a week before.

This park normally has a very large man-made lake. I was shocked to discover when I got there that the lake had been drained to make repairs to the dam. It was incredibly surreal walking on the soggy lakebed. I felt like I was walking somewhere sacred, or at least very private. Someplace that isn’t supposed to be seen.

20141108_165004I found a tree similar to the one I’d felt the vibrations of the week before and spent some time meditating with it. My journal entry reads:

“Bonded with another tree. Same kind as before. Walked by the stream. The lake has been drained to repair the dam. Was quite surreal. I asked for guidance on how to connect with the spirits. Then I found 2 books at the used bookstore on Druids.”


20141108_165026 20141108_165342 20141108_170514

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