I grew up 30 minutes from The Cove, the “Training Center” in Asheville, NC where Billy Graham and his family lived. I have relatives that live off the same 1-40 exit you take to get there. My paternal grandparents were the type of Southern Baptists Graham spent his lifetime trying […]

Billy Graham: No Different From Today’s Evangelicals

I’ve been in a very deep pit. Surrounded by fog and darkness, weighed down by heavy stones. According to the date of my last post, I haven’t written on this blog for nearly 3 months. Chunks of that time are completely missing from my memory. For days on end I […]

Mental Health, PTSD and The Morrigan

I woke up this morning to the new trending hashtag #MeAt14 on Twitter. Many of the tweets are just images of girls at 14, who are obviously too young to be in any kind of sexual situation with a man in his 30’s such as Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. […]

Yes, This Hurts. So Don’t Waste The Pain

CW: Non-consensual physical contact, emotional abuse.   It could begin over anything. Sometimes it was over some youthful indiscretion on my part. Sometimes, my dad would even be laughing and joking one minute, and the next minute it was as if a switch had flipped and he was full of […]

The Systematic Erasure Of Me

On a cold night in December, 1970, a barely 18-year-old girl was dropped off at an unwed mother’s clinic just over the state line from where she lived. Her father watched her get out of the car and then drove away. She was in labor, and nobody other than her […]

Twice Motherless: Adopted by The Morrigan

If I had $1 for every Christian who, since I left the church, has said to me some version of, “You were hurt by people because you were following traditions/ false doctrines/ human error.. I know better because I  know the REAL Jesus…” I’d be Joel Osteen. This morning on […]

It’s Not The People. Christianity Is Toxic

I distinctly remember a moment when I was perhaps two or three years old. It had occurred to me that my parent’s had stopped saying “I love you,” to me. What did this mean? Had they just forgotten? Had I done something wrong? So tiny little me formulated a plan. […]

Childhood Abuse Becomes Spiritual or Self Abuse

So it was a rough weekend. My last post mentioned how I was in Western NC for a memorial service, and how anxious I was about seeing my dad again. The day came. He decided to skip the memorial and only show up at the cemetery, “so he wouldn’t make […]

The Healing Waters of Creeks and Streams

I’m currently in Western North Carolina for a memorial service for a dear cousin. This will be the first time I’ve seen my dad since I stopped talking to both my parents.  After a lifetime of emotional abuse, the final straw was their reaction to learning of a sexual assault […]

I Will Not Be Quiet About My Trauma

It started in January when I went to the Women’s March in Washington, and was especially strong during my trip to the beach where I met Manannan Mac Lir. I dedicated both trips to The Morrigan, and both times saw an inordinate amount of soaring birds I assumed to be […]

Vultures And The Morrigan

With a nod to Mr. Frost…   Dappled light through leaves mostly green Pioneers in death Just beginning to fall One by one Spiraling, floating to the forest floor. Who’s Forest this is I know It’s spirit is it’s own This spirit knows me and this spirit I know A […]

Stopping By Woods On A Sunny Morning

So here we are again. The “largest mass shooting in modern American history,” (at least since the last one). And yes, it’s maddening, heartbreaking, tragic, and horrific. Again. It’s also frustrating to see the nonstop barrage of “thoughts and prayers” for the victims offered by many of the leaders who, […]

Stop Insulting Christians For Sending “Thoughts and Prayers.”