I was minding my own business this morning when this popped up in my Facebook feed: First off, I can’t believe anyone actually could believe that there is a “planned human sacrifice of our children” in this day and age. But not only does the original poster (a relative of […]

Christians Have Discovered Beltane

pregnant70s 1
In the spring of 1970, a 17 year old girl in rural North Carolina discovered she was pregnant. She was terrified. The daughter of a church deacon, she knew there was no way her parents would allow her to keep the baby. And there was no way she could, even […]

Little Sisters of the Poor, Reproductive Rights and Donald Trump

One week ago, North Carolina convened a dramatic Special Session of the General Assembly for one specific purpose: to pass a statewide bill overturning an non-discrimination ordinance in Charlotte. The Charlotte ordinance had the audacity to add gay, lesbian, or transgender customers to the list of people businesses can’t discriminate against.. And […]

Please. Boycott My State

Happy woman serving roast turkey to her family at home in the living room
Just in case you thought we’d arrived in the 21st century, and that the subjugation of women in the name of religion only happened in the Middle East, I bring you Biblical Gender Roles. And while we are having this discussion, do not think that this website and “ministry” are […]

Christians Helping Women Learn Their Place

I miss my Grandma more than I could have imagined. Since her death in January I’ve been mostly in a dark, brooding mood. The moment of her passing was so beautiful and meaningful, and the pain of her absence so deep, I really didn’t feel like climbing out of the […]

An Amazing Message From Grandma

It’s been 3 weeks now since Beyonce broke the internet with her surprise video for and Super Bowl performance of Formation. And the shock waves continue to reverberate throughout our culture. An atomic bomb of Black, Female, Queer and Southern empowerment, after 3 weeks of discussion there’s one more layer I want […]

The Witchy Power of Beyonce’s Formation

I have to say, I like Trevor Noah. No, he’s not Jon Stewart – nobody ever will be. But I’ve quite fallen for Trevor’s cool accent and innocent enthusiasm. The Daily Show is different, but that’s not necessarily bad. That being said… I was rather disappointed as I began catching up […]

Not Just Christianity: Oppression of the Hijab

BowieFree 2
Look up here, I’m in Heaven I’ve got scars, That can’t be seen I’ve got drama, Can’t be stolen Everybody knows me now…* I woke up Monday morning to the news that David Bowie had passed. I was staying at a cousin’s house in western NC, near the nursing home where my […]

Death, David Bowie, and Grandma

You’ve seen the memes. “In a world full of Kardashians, be a (insert socially acceptable, “respectable” woman here.)” Then there’s Beyonce. Michelle Obama has said that Bey is a fantastic role model for young girls, prompting the likes of Mike Huckabee to go apeshit. Both Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are […]

Showing Skin And Self Respect

Rainy View From Grandma's Hospital Room
I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’ve remained mostly anonymous on this blog and dive into some family dirt. My grandmother is back in the hospital, and I spent Christmas in western NC visiting her. My aunt is the one that mostly takes care of her, because […]

The Sins of the Father

Kim Davis 1
It’s been a long few weeks. Kim Davis, “Apostolic Christian,” held the entire state of Kentucky hostage to her personal beliefs as she steadfastly refused to issue marriage licenses despite being denied on every single appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. She had absolutely no legal leg to […]

#Be Apostolic And Stand For Hypocrisy

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Well Hello World!! I just dropped the hubs off at the airport earlier, and I can already feel a major shift in energy around here. Even my kids seem relieved. We’re back to normal. I want to send out a HUGE thank you to the owner of for sharing […]

Back, And Moving On